Puerto Galera: The Poor Man’s Boracay

Summer 2015 has been very memorable for me. It’s not only because I have recently obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts but also because I have landed a good job in an advertising agency as a copywriter and I can already fulfill my dreams of traveling the world (because I am earning on my own!), step by step, one stunning place at a time.

My astonishing travel trips start with Puerto Galera.
It is located in the northwestern part of Oriental Mindoro, like 130 kilometers away from Manila. If you love the feel of warm sand on your feet as your skin gets kissed by the fiery glimmer of the summer sun and you yearn for the pristine blue waters of the beach soak you in its majesty, Puerto Galera should be in your list!

Planning this trip was made insanely easy with the help of Mr. Leo Galicia, a travel coordinator based in Puerto Galera from the White Beach Lodge where we stayed. I just had to call him, ask him to look for a place for me and my friends to stay and in no less than an hour, he called me back with a great deal! We also didn’t have to stress ourselves in buying ferry boat tickets to and from Batangas Port because it was part of the package. Dealing with Kuya Leo made everything easy-peasy!pg-2The ferry boat arrived by 10:00 AM and we left the port at 10:15, the waters weren’t too wild when we went there. It was crazy, it was exciting, it was fun! The smell of the sea breeze made me feel like leaving my problems at the port! We arrived in White Beach at around 12 in the afternoon. Kuya Leo was already there to meet us. He showed us the house we are to stay in for 3 days and 2 nights, we were satisfied.

We were allowed to cook in the house so it saved us a lot. There is a market around but it’s like 15-20 minutes away from the White Beach. Sobrang mura ng bilihin! Especially the seafoods! We had a kilo of shrimp for only 240 PHP and big fresh squids (1/2 kilo) at around 40 PHP.  Around 5:00 PM, we went to the beach and enjoyed waddling in the waters of Oriental Mindoro. I was already in awe, specially with the grandiose sunset that we witnessed. Truly, you don’t have to spend thrice of what you can spend in the Philippines to revel in the beauty of nature. Sabi nga nila, “Piliin mo ang Pilipinas!”

The tour coordinator gave us a free pitcher of Mindoro sling which was awesome. It is a rum based drink with grenadine syrup, mango, orange and pineapple juice mixed and iced. pg-1The following day at around 8 in the morning, we had to dress up, no more ligo-ligo, and head straight to another port where our boat was waiting for us. We rode two tricycles and arrived at our destination in 10-20 minutes. The boat ride to the coral garden took 15 minutes and we were there.

I was in awe with the colors I see from below the waters. It was clear as crystal and really can refresh your soul. I found Nemo, too! The hospitality and warmth of the people from Mindoro was beyond compare. The safety and security of their guests always comes first. We went home at around 3 PM after island – hopping. I have been to Boracay few years back, and I can say, if you want a more relaxing beach experience, choose Puerto Galera, instead. Puerto Galera isn’t called the poor man’s Boracay for nothing.

Before we left the beach to board the ferry boat back to Batangas, we fancied ourselves in the BEST ice scramble we’ve ever had!

Puerto Galera, the place that gives Mindoro its amour-propre. Beyond doubt, this place is one of the Philippines’ pride, a world-class haven for those who seek refuge in the transcendency of mother nature at a low low budget.


Bus Fare from Turbina to Batangas Pier (Round Trip) : 160.00 PHP
Batangas Pier to Puerto Galera (Round Trip) (Plus Environmental Taxes): 580.00 PHP
Food Expenses: PHP 3,500 / 3 days 2 nights : 500.00 PHP / person 
Accomodation: PHP 6,500/ 3 days 2 nights : 930.00 PHP / person
Island Hopping with Snorkeling: PHP 1500 : 215.00 PHP / person 

Total Expenses per Person on a 3 days 2 nights trip: PHP 2,385.00

Message me for the number of Kuya Leo Galicia or add him on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pgleonards


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